||: Cauda (Latin for "tail") is a term used in music primarily to designate a passage that brings a piece (or a movement) to an end. It may be as simple as a few measures, or as complex as an entire section. :||: Charles Burkhart suggests that caudas are required to allow the listener to "look back" on the main body of music, to "take it all in", and "create a sense of balance." :|| And in this way, the cauda is a metaphor for life. ||

Lana Del Rey: Young & Beautiful

Tiny Bubbles with the Fam’

A video about tea, by me :)

Silent Film Recreation! (at University of Ottawa | Université d’Ottawa - uOttawa)

Recreating a silent film with a bunch of lovely people today. I even wrote a cue and grew a moustache! Can’t wait to see everything come together. 

A lazy day indeed.


Bad ass bitches

Romance by the River (at Rideau Canal Skateway)

Long week :3

Blondie power

The success team — my GUESS? family; I got promoted!! ▽


the law of attraction by Victoria Strehlau


You were too good for this world Victoria. Although we were never close, I always looked up to you. I hope you found a brighter light. Rest in peace, you will forever be missed.

Hoping for the safe return of a dear colleague gone missing, I felt I should post a photo of hers in respect of her work. She’s someone I look up to as an artist. I’ve been so worried lately. We all have

Victoria, wherever you are, I hope you’re safe. Please come home.